Charitable Give-Back

No matter the day you play, be the difference.


Oso has one major mission... to give back to communities that are not exposed to the sport or lacking proper equipment. Navigating the hospitality industry for most of our careers, we know that relationships and partnerships are at the forefront of success. We look forward to partnering with people and charities that build on transformational change. 

Through the below organizations, we pledge at least 10% of our revenue as well as pickleball equipment to further the expansion of the game.


 Since 1993, Cancer for College has been helping cancer survivors by providing college scholarships and educational experiences.  In that time, the charity has awarded over 1400 scholarships totaling more than $4 million to help cancer survivors thrive through college and beyond.  To learn more about this charity, please feel free to visit




Officially Sanctioned Tournaments - When a tournament has selected the Oso Pickleball as their official ball for play, the tournament may select a charitable organization of their choice for funds to be directed to. We want Oso to benefit all communities it partners with, and this is a great way to positively affect your local community